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ChatPDF is a groundbreaking application powered by artificial intelligence that transforms the comprehension and analysis of research papers.

Blaze SQL AI

BlazeSQL AI revolutionizes the field of data analytics with its advanced AI capabilities. Acting as a chatbot and


Avanty, the AI-powered Chrome extension, is here to revolutionize your Metabase data analytics. With its advanced features and

AI SQL By LogicLoop

Unlock the complete potential of your data with AI SQL, the groundbreaking automatic SQL query generator powered by

AI SQL Query Generator is a sophisticated AI-driven tool designed to simplify the process of generating SQL and


Vanna.AI is an AI-powered virtual assistant that provides personalized customer interactions and enhances website conversions. If you have


MagicForm is an advanced AI tool created to enhance lead generation and customer engagement. By utilizing MagicForm, your


Odyssey enables the seamless connection of AI models without the need for any coding. This user-friendly Mac application,


HitPaw is a digital media experience with HitPaw Online, the ultimate solution for enhancing your photos, videos, and

AiGPT Free

AiGPT offers a revolutionary AI experience, providing access to endless creativity without any cost. This tool enhances your


Vana is an innovative application that revolutionizes the idea of digital identity. Vana encourages you to design your


Shuffll offers an innovative video production platform that utilizes AI technology to transform the video production process. By